31st Annual Downtown Festival & Art Show

SSJ Sierra Club has enjoyed two lovely days at the 31st annual Downtown Festival and Art Show in Gainesville. There was a lot of beautiful art on display with plenty of food and entertainment. From vibrant landscapes to abstract wildlife, Florida’s environment was well represented by the artists in attendance. Hat’s off to whoever strategically positioned Sierra Club, Florida’s Eden, and Alachua Conservation Trust all on the same corner. The gauntlet of conservation groups was quite difficult to navigate without learning a thing or two about Florida’s natural treasure’s. Many people however were very interested and genuinely concerned with the preservation of Florida’s environment.

Although most of my time was spent at the SSJ booth, I did manage to get around to see all the artists at least once. It’s always hard to miss the work of John Moran, but  featured below are three artists that really caught my attention.

Robert Goodlett: Florida landscape artist

Cindy Capehart Fine Artist

photography by John Brady

Already looking forward to next years festival!

-Pete Monte