Micanopy – Flemington Bike Trip — April 14, 2012

Kate Lee led a delightful 22 mile bike trip that looped from Micanopy south to Flemington and back. Since the peddle was along back roads and canopied by massive live oaks, the ride was not only safe but cool. Along the way we observed numerous large mammals including not only cows, horses, and goats, but also large oryx looking beasts (If you can identify them for me, please do.) and zebra. All in all a memorable trip.

After the bike trip was over, I checked the boat ramp on the west side of Orange Lake (about a mile south of MacIntosh). The last three photos show the extent of the “slime crime” that has occurred on that once beautiful lake. The first photo shows mudfish rolling in the mud soup gulping and gasping for their last breath of air. The place is starting to smell bad and the vultures are moving in for dinner. While at the park, I had the opportunity to talk with a local fellow about the condition of the lake. With sadness he talked about how he had fished the lake his entire life and could not possibly count the number of bass he had caught. He also commented that the water was once 34 feet deep at this dock. As my friend Tom Morris says, the lake is trying to be a marsh.

You can find a copy of the map by clicking on the following