Suwannee River Cleanup—November 10-11, 2012

Once again, Tom Morris led willing Sierrans on a memorable outing.  While the goal for this outing was to clean up the Natural Bridge area along the Suwannee River, the idea was to do a little work and have a lot of fun.  After setting up camp at Thunderhole, Tom led us to the parking lot near the Natural Bridge.  In no time we had gathered a dozen sacks of bottles, cans, and flip flops.  In addition, we also accumulated two automobile tires, a muffler, a few chunks of concrete, and a bunch of roofing tiles.  In all we harvested 600 hundred pounds of junk.  At the end of the day Tom hauled the stuff off to the dumpster at Suwannee River State Park.  The following photos document our haul.










Back at Thunderhole we built a fire, prepared dinner, and set up the awesome 45 foot rope swing.  While Della’s chili and Dave’s steaks were consumed by the adults, the kids attacked the marshmallows.





After a perfect night for sleeping (chilly and dry), nine members of the group headed down the Withlacoochee River for what can only be described as a glorious day for a paddle.  Tom pointed out more than a dozen springs and tributaries feeding into the river.  While some of these flows have names (e.g. Morgan Springs), many remain unnamed.  This count exceeds all the springs in the state of Texas.  Running the rapids added a bit of excitement to the paddle.  We had the river to ourselves.  In Tom’s words:  “The Withlacoochee River is an ignored river.”








Post by Dave Wilson

Photos by Andy Vince and Dave Wilson