Micanopy Bike Ride–December 9, 2012

Kate Lee led 10 Sierrans on a leisurely 22 mile bike trip looping from Micanopy to Flemington Park and back.  The roads were quiet, the scenery beautiful, and the company excellent.  In addition to beautiful live oak trees spreading their branches in open pastures, we encountered a few horses, and a baby tortoise.  (Unfortunately the zebras were not in a social mood and ignored us on this trip.)    Our conversations ranged from outings to travel to getting off the grid.  While we encountered a bit of traffic at the intersection of County Road 234 and I75, the number of cars along the rest of the route was minimal.  At the end of the day we stopped in Micanopy at the Mosswood Farm and Bakehouse for a cappuccino and a salty caramel brownie.  All agreed the brownie was to die for.  After the trip I headed off once again to Heagy Burry Park to check out the water level at Orange lake.  It was much higher than it has been in a year.  Thanks Kate!
A map of the route is given in the next photo.
The next photo was taken in Heagy Burry Park.  For the complete story of the water levels in this park during the past year, click on the link.
Post by Dave Wilson
Photos by Dave Wilson