Outings Leadership Workshop — January 28, 2012

One of the top priorities for the SSJ Sierra Club in the coming year is to develop a robust outings program. On January 28th, eighteen members took the first step toward achieving this goal by attending SSJ Outings Leader training. The exceptional response highlighted the club’s enthusiasm and diversity, with members from all ages and backgrounds participating.

The all-day event included instruction on leading both one day and multi-day excursions. The training was conducted by Rudy Scheffer, Chair of the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club.  The workshop included modules on leadership, responding to emergencies, planning and conducting a trip, and promoting conservation.  The training was supplemented with lively participation and thoughtful group activities.  Rudy’s extensive experience, poignant personal stories, and thoughts on best practices were an added benefit to the standard course materials.
Outings, membership, and activism go hand in hand, engendering a balanced, vibrant, and effective club.  After completing the training, SSJ Outings Leaders are now more capable than ever to exemplify the outdoors activities mission, “To maintain and enhance a diversified, superior, volunteer-run program that supports the Sierra Club’s conservation mission by connecting people with the natural world and with the club.”  Not only do they bring satisfaction to existing members but are an excellent opportunity to reach out to new people. As one new member put it, “I went on an outing and ended up at the meetings.”
Post by Billy Wildberger and Dave Wilson