Upper Suwannee Overnight–March 9-10

After our successful paddle of the Upper Suwannee from Steven Foster State Park to Fargo, Georgia (in November 2012), we decided to to take on the next 30 mile section from Fargo to the Route 6 Bridge.  As in our November trip, we spent the first night at Griffis’ Fish Camp.  While the river is a bit wider, it was still wild and unpopulated.  Our concern before the trip was that since South Georgia has experienced heavy rains during the past several months, the river would be high making a camp site difficult to find.  What we hadn’t realized was that the high water meant that the current gave us a substantial boost making the 15 mile paddle each day much easier.  In fact, we paddled only about 5 hours each day.  Th Ogeechee Tupelo with their sinewy muscular trunks lined the river.  The company was grand.  The food was the best.  We all agreed that the section from the Route 6 Bridge to White Springs was there for the taking.


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Post and photos by Dave Wilson