Sierra State-Wide Media Event–April 15, 2013

Cris Costello, Regional Organizing Representative for the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club,  initiated a coordinated state-wide media event that occurred on April 15, 2013.  The purpose of this effort was to increase public awareness on particularly harmful legislation brewing in Tallahassee by congregating clean water advocates in front of legislators’ offices across Florida.   Since she has spearheaded the slime crime for the past several years, her focus has been to strengthen numeric nutrient criteria to protect Florida’s historic and pristine rivers and springs.   The event focused on two particularly harmful bills currently in the legislature are House bill HB 7115 and Senate bill SB 1808.  These bills need to be fixed or killed because they give a free pass to polluters rather than protecting the public interest. 

Annette Long organized the Suwannee St Johns Group of the Sierra Club in Gainesville and Ocala, where we met in front of District 20 Florida House Representative Clovis Watson’s office on North 13th Street and in front of Senator Charlie Dean’s office on SE 25th Avenue.  Twenty clean water advocates gathered in the parking lot of the Bank America Building in Gainesville and then presented a signed letter and support materials to Bill Fuhrmann, district secretary to Representative Watson.   Mr. Fuhrmann was quite pleasant even coming out to the parking lot and chatting with us a bit.  You can help this effort by sending a letter of concern to either Representative Watson or Senator Dean.

A video of the event can be found at the link.

While the event was not mentioned in the Gainesville Sun, it was mentioned in the Ocala Star Banner.  Cris is the creator of the Slime Crime Tracker. 




Post by Dave Wilson

Photos by John Moran

Video by Annette Long