October 2015 Speaker, Law Professor Joan Flocks

By Daniel Vazquez, Esq.

Joan Floaks

Joan Flocks teaches courses in social justice lawyering, poverty law, and environmental justice.  She was previously an assistant professor at the UF College of Medicine and before that worked for many years as a legal services attorney.  Her areas of funded research include occupational and environmental health, vulnerable populations, and community resiliency.  Flocks received her MA and JD from the University of Florida.


Flocks has worked as a project manager, consultant, and investigator on several environmental justice and community-based participatory research projects.  She has been involved both internationally and domestically on diverse topics such as conflict resolution, substandard housing, and community environmental health.  Flocks’ most recent published research brought focus upon a population most in need of protection from hazardous exposure to pesticides, farmworker children, highlighting how their protection is lacking under the current state and federal regulatory structure.