2015-04 Sierra Club Outdoors: Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Sierra Club Outdoors: Inspiring Connections Outdoors


On March 17, 2015, we took a happy bunch of sixteen 1st and 2nd graders to the Santa Fe College Planetarium. It was the first outing with this new ICO group, and they enjoyed going on the outing and learning about Earth seen from space, as well as a short video about Mars. They are excited about going on outings with the Sierra Club, as this is the first of many more. Thank you to our ICO volunteers, Jeri and Gladys, for showing up and helping out. Thank you also to the Compassionate Outreach Community Church for continuing to support our Sierra Club ICO outing program with a van and a driver, Mr. James.

Our Job Corps group had a great day at Luther Springs Camp and Retreat Center, East of Hawthorne, on March 5. We spent the morning clearing up weeds, bushes and dead wood off a hiking trail in that beautiful campsite. And after a terrific lunch – Ms. Sara is just a great cook – we went canoeing on the lake. All of the students worked really hard that morning and were thankful to have a good lunch and a good time on the water.

We will do it again! That’s a good way to help out that center and to enjoy the outdoors!

Thank you Ms. Sara and Ms. Yvonne for inviting us to Luther Springs Camp and Retreat Center!