Whitey Markle

There is a supercoalition, The Ocklawaha Restoration Advocacy, being formed by the St. Johns Riverkeeper, many like-minded en­vironmental organizations in the region, and several Florida Sierra Club groups, that are devising a plan to build an economic and en­vironmental plan around a restored Ocklawaha River. This push to the legislature will focus on restoration of the river which has been mandated for nearly 50 years. Look for a request to help in this ef­fort by letter-writing, phone calling, emailing, and public speaking. Please volunteer a little of your time for this effort. It is a critical issue in the history of North Florida’s water. We think the time to act is now! Special thanks to Lisa Rinaman and the St. Johns Riverkeeper in keeping the old river in the forefront.

A good way to learn about the Ocklawaha situation is to attend the Silver Springs Alliance’s free public forum, “Silver Springs Res­toration Includes a Free Ocklawaha River,” 6–9 p.m. Tuesday, May 5, 2015, at Fort King Presbyterian Church, 13 NE 36th Av­enue, Ocala, Florida 34470. Invited speakers and topics are: For­mer Governor Buddy McKay, St. Johns Riverkeeper Lisa Rinaman, Photojournalist Matt Keene, Yours Truly, and Dr. Bob Knight of the Florida Springs Council. The Silver Springs Alliance forums have been a terrific influence on public policy regarding the springs and rivers in the region. We think this one will be equally as influential and educational.