Good News From Chair!

Good news!

On Tuesday February 10, 2015, the Alachua BOCC adopted a resolution to support a statewide legislation to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), acid fracturing and well stimulation treatments for oil and natural gas exploration. Using fracking in Florida, like anywhere else, could produce tremendous damage on the environment, mostly water and air pollution, and could create health hazards in humans. Fracking for natural gas would require a huge amount of water (1 to 8 million of gallons of water – Yes that many gallons per fracking). I doubt that such an amount of water is sustainable given that we are slowly reducing the amount of that resource as it is.

To inform yourself go to:  watch a 3 minute video titled fracking.101. It is a complex issue that most people are still ignorant about. Please go to the website of Our Santa Fe River, educate yourself and sign on to get updates/emails. Many thanks to Merrillee Malwitz Jipson who is going around various Board of Counties commissioners to speak up and ask for a resolution to support a Ban on Fracking. You can send emails to these commissioners asking for their support as well. The SSJ Sierra Club group covers about 14 counties in the Santa Fe river watershed.

The 5th  Green Generation Youth Summit was a success. More than 40 students attended the event and 4 groups signed up for two proposed 2 projects by SSJ Sierra Club: 1) Cleaning up hiking trails in Luther Springs property, near Hawthorne, and/or 2) Hiking on the Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Project and writing a pamphlet, making a short PSA to promote the new project to the Gainesville community and explaining the value of such a project. These projects will have to be completed this spring.

There was excitement in the room and the film “Gimme Green” was shown – explaining the obsession of green lawns in the USA, and humorously exploring alternatives.

-Maryvonne Devensky, Executive Committee Chair