Unique among environmental organizations, the Sierra Club is run by and for volunteers.  We are truly a grassroots group of citizen activists committed to environmental stewardship and protecting our environment today and for future generations.  There are so many fun and meaningful ways to get involved in the Suwannee St. Johns (SSJ) Group’s vital work. Please visit  for more information.

Here are a few things we will be needing help with soon:

Nov 14-15: Downtown Festival Booth

Enjoy meeting new people and/or educating the public about environmental issues? Or, maybe you just want to hang out with other Sierrans and learn more yourself. Either way, we could use your help at our booth at the Gainesville’s Downtown Festival for a couple hours. Please contact Sherry Steiner (sherrysteiner at to see what time slots are unfilled.

Oct-Dec: Calendar Sales

Each year, we sell beautiful Sierra Club calendars at our meetings, events, to our friends and neighbors. This is one of our major fundraisers.  We are looking for someone who would like help sell calendars this year and then take over the ordering and distribution process next year. This takes about 5 hours per year, concentrated in the months of October through December. This is an easy way to provide a vital service to your Club. And, no meetings required!

Ongoing: Write articles for the newsletter and/or website; website maintenance; arrange speakers for monthly programs; attend commission meetings and report back; visit commissioners and legislators to educate them know about environmental issues…..

Contact us at ssjsierra.membership at or 352-494-9662.