Summer ICO Programs

2015-06 ICO to Cade Museum

“Whoever said Science is boring is definitely not a member of Cultural Arts Coalition After School Science Clubs and they most certainly have not been to the Cade Museum. This amazing field trip was made possible by our partnership with the Sierra Club.”

Nkwanda Jah, Executive Director, Cultural Arts Coalition


2015-07 ICO to Santa Fe ZooOn Wednesday July 8, we went to Santa Fe Zoo with a group of 13 kids participating in the summer program at Cone Park Library center. We had a great guide and we walked through the zoo visiting snakes, squirrel monkeys, ocelots, lemurs, kookaburras, some more vocal or social than others.


July 30 and 31, we will take 7 high school students enrolled in the Environmental Ambassadors to the Crescent beach and UF Whitney Lab Marine Center. We will go to Matanzas National Monument and Crescent Beach, as well as kayak with the Ripple Effect Ecotours Company.