Rally to Tally Report

It sure was an exciting event. About 300 people, environmentalists, “ecolos”, green …whatever word suits your fancy – for me “people” represented various environmental groups, the voters (75% who voted Yes on Amendment 1) and all Floridians who could not be there. We came to the Capitol and spoke in one voice to ask our elected officials to respect the wording of Amendment 1. Among speakers present were: Bob Knight, and Jim Stevensen… RiversKeepers alliance, Audubon, League of Women voters… In short, the message was “Buy land to create (or re-create) the wetlands and allow water to flow south (towards the Everglades)…Buy land to create buffer zones… Restore the springs, and the most endangered river lagoons such as the Indian River lagoon…Use the money wisely to protect our water source (the aquifer), protect the springs and the rivers, that way you will protect the wildlife. These resources are at the base of Florida’s economy as well as the enjoyment of all Floridians. The message was also “Do not divert this money to finance clean up or update projects” generally funded with city or federal money. “Ban fracking” – that could damage our water and pollute our air.
After the Rally, I attended part of the Water and Land Legacy Committee meeting, at 2:00pm. It was good to watch the process. The committee voted on bills to set up the structure of this Amendment 1 funding, so it reflects accountability and clarity for all Floridians to see. Then I went to the Old Capitol building (I like history and old houses, what can I say) met other SSJ members and we visited the building before going back to the buses.
Please continue to contact Senator Charlie Dean and the members of the Water and Land Legacy committee. Ask them to respect and support the terms of Amendment 1. Go to www.FloridaWaterLandLegacy.org. emailus@floridawaterlandlegacy.org. or write letters.

Maryvonne Devensky, Chair