News from the Chair April 2016

This month a new surge of positive energy is in the air. It may be Spring, or it may be that after the BOCC meetings about the Plum Creek issue, we can somewhat take a rest, breathe and live our life in a more relaxed manner. Let’s wait and see how the land swap Hutch is proposing becomes a reality…

RE: Our last General Meeting, I want to thank Nancy Deren for her presentation on “Connections between Food Safety and Energy” on March 3rd. It was very informative on a lot of projects happening in the country to solve some problems related to Food and Energy. Here is a handout where you will find a long list of her resources, videos, books and a list of suggestions titled “What Can I Do?”. Please take the time to read these or watch the videos to educate yourself on the Food “realities” and discover how some solutions are exciting…

Another positive event this month was the 6th Environmental Youth Summit organized by Santa Fe College, Cultural Arts Coalition and some other agencies, including our SSJ Sierra Club. Last Saturday about 85 students attended this event and the students who arrived ‘sleepy heads’ at 9:30 am turned to be very excited about environmental issues around 12:00 after they heard comments from the panelists who presented “Why you need to care about the Environment” and “How you can get involved”. After lunch, the students met various environmental groups and signed up for projects to complete before Earth Day….I am proud of one of the panelists Destiny Henderson who is one of the Environmental Ambassadors who participated in our ICO program last July. Here is what she wrote about Saturday’s Youth Summit.

“I found the youth summit to be very informative. It shows that some people really have an intensity to care about the environment. A lot of things I knew already, but the fact that people transported recycled items to a landfills in India surprised me.

I think it’s great that programs like these are hosted to educate people, especially our youth. The youth are able to learn in bite-sized pieces. Kids and teens are our future, so educating them in an entertaining way is really necessary.”

-Destiny Henderson

So we have now two ICO service outings to complete with these students before the end of April.