Alachua County Climate Advisory Committee

The Alachua County Commission is scheduled to discuss climate change at a special meeting at 1:30pm, February 4th in the Grace Knight Conference Room.

This is a follow up to the BOCC’s November 5th, 2019 meeting where staff was directed to create a Climate Advisory Committee of 9 community members.  The purpose of this committee is to provide recommendations for better practices for Alachua County Government, suggestions to strengthen Climate Change Policies in the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan, and input into the proposed Local Climate Mitigation and Adaption Plan.

At the February 4 meeting, the Board will consider adopting a resolution establishing the Climate Advisory Committee composed of nine voting citizen members appointed on an at-large basis.  Successful candidates are to have community or technical experience in climate change, resiliency, natural infrastructure-based adaptation or mitigation.

We want to make sure this committee is designed to be resource for the community, to be a conduit for all groups and individuals that want to get recommendations to staff, and to bring local expertise and opinions to staff.  

Please attend on February 4th or write the County Commissioners to let them know that a Climate Advisory Committee is an important step in fighting climate change and that you want to make sure the community is involved in this process. Also, start thinking about community members who would advocates for strong climate policies and might want to be part of this Committee.

Looking beyond February, the Climate Mitigation and Adaption Plan should be introduced with the proposed budget early this summer with the goal of final adoption by the end of 2020. Staff is also working on strengthening the Climate Change Policies in the Alachua County Comprehensive Plan. We will be monitoring both of these items and will keep you informed as they progress.