Adena Springs/Sleepy Creek

Sample Email – Feel free to use part or all of this letter:


Subject: Denial of Sleepy Creek water request

Mr. John Miklos, Board Chair, SJRWMD

Cc: Fred Roberts, Jr., Vice-Chair; Charles Drake; Ron Howse: Douglas Bournique; John Browning, Jr.; Douglas Burnett; Myram Ghyabi: Carl Yetter

I am writing to ask that you decline the following permit for additional water withdrawals for the “Sleepy Creek” application scheduled for discussion on January 10, 2017.

SJRWMD’s own staff concluded in 2014 that “reductions in Silver Springs flow will adversely impact important ecological structure and functions associated with riparian floodplains and the in-stream channel”, and found that “the applicant has not provided reasonable assurance that the proposed use of water will not contribute to exacerbate cumulative EOP adverse harm to the ecological structure and functions of Silver Springs and Silver River”. See 2014 SCL Permit Denial Recommendation.

Now, two years later, the staff recommendation in the 2014 staff report was predicated on a water request for a grand total of 2.58 mgd — roughly the same amount of water that they are seeking today.

This “water grab” by this entity will further adversely affect not only Silver Springs, but the steadily declining water levels in the Floridan Aquifer.

Your support of this denial to protect Silver Springs and our Aquifer will be most gratefully appreciated.


Kathryn Taubert

Dunnellon, Florida