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Conservation Report

By Whitey Markle AMENDMENT 1 “SMART” (DUMB) SOLAR………….VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 8. See VoteNoOn1.org. Floridians for Solar Choice, Inc. has a wonderful website that explains clearly the circumstances and implications of the “smart” solar amendment (A-1) that will be the first ballot initiative voters will see on November 8th. The […]

Conservation Report September 2016

By Whitey Markle STATE PARKS MANAGEMENT If you are concerned about the management of your state parks, especially after the last legislative session, you can scrutinize the plans online. Bear in mind: Each park has its own plan which is compiled by a relatively democratic process involving parks management personnel […]

Comprehensive Groundwater Sampling Needed

FLORIDA SPRINGS INSTITUTE REQUESTS COMPREHENSIVE GROUNDWATER NITRATE SAMPLING IN ALACHUA AND GILCHRIST COUNTIES FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dr. Robert Knight Director, Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute 386-462-1003 August 28, 2015 GAINESVILLE, FL – On Thursday, Dr. Robert Knight, Director of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute called for […]

Letter from Florida Springs Council to Florida DEP

Submitted via email to Drew.Bartlett@dep.state.fl.us on July 6, 2015. The Florida Springs Council (FSC) is a consortium of 28 organizations whose 100,000+ members share a deep concern with the health and restoration of Florida’s springs. Since its formation last year, FSC has provided recommendations to Florida’s legislative and executive branches […]