SSJ opposes Central Florida water initiative

Whitey Markle, the Conservation Chair of the Suwannee-St. Johns group, has written to Mr. Tom Bartol in Engineering and Environment Services to oppose the Central Florida Water Initiative. Whitey says that the districts are downplaying the importance of water conservation. You can view the letter below, or download the DOC […]

Orange Lake Herbicides Position

10/8/2013 FWC Letter Orange Lake Herbicide Plan Regarding the proposed FWC plan for spraying herbicides on 2000 acres of Orange Lake: The Suwannee/St. Johns Sierra Club Group executive Committee agrees with the Alachua Audubon Society: “(FWC’s) plan was very disturbing. It lacked detail, safeguards, and monitoring.” (FWC was included in […]

SSJ position on Plum Creek – July 2013

Because the last place development should occur is in the wetlands and the wild forest land, the Suwannee/St. Johns Sierra Club Group has adopted the following position concerning the proposed development of Plum Creek property in Alachua County: 1. The current Alachua County Comprehensive Plan endorses growth from within municipalities. […]

GRU biomass plant

Press Release, March 13, 2010 The Suwannee/St Johns Sierra Group, which represents 14 counties in North Central Florida including Alachua county, has voted to oppose the GRU/GREC Biomass plant * A new power plant is not needed; GRU currently has 62% overcapacity * Competition for increasingly scarce biomass fuel will […]