1) GENERAL MEETING tonight, October 6th, Memories of John Muir is CANCELED 2) OPEN HOUSE AT THE Ft WHITE location of new Sierra Office.      This is rescheduled for Saturday NOVEMBER 12, 2016.      PLEASE MAKE CHANGES ON MeetUp page and FB, twitter, whatever we use. 3)  SABAL […]

Conservation Report

By Whitey Markle AMENDMENT 1 “SMART” (DUMB) SOLAR………….VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 8. See VoteNoOn1.org. Floridians for Solar Choice, Inc. has a wonderful website that explains clearly the circumstances and implications of the “smart” solar amendment (A-1) that will be the first ballot initiative voters will see on November 8th. The […]


By Maryvonne Devensky Memorial week end is here and to remember veterans and values they defended, I propose that you listen to Larry Kirby, a WWII veteran reading an essay about WWII and American values. Please go to http://onpoint.wbur.org/2016/05/26/wwii-vet-larry-kirby  to listen to the 91 year old vet reflecting on the […]

Stand By Our Plan Rally and Picnic

StandByOurPlan Rally and Picnic Sunday, May 22nd, 3-6p.m. Food and drinks will be provided at outdoor picnic. Seating is limited so please bring a chair. Speakers begin at 4pm: Plum Creek/Weyerhaeuser: What’s Next? FDOT 1-75 and Jacksonville-to-Tampa roads project Bradford/Union Counties Phosphate Mines Update Please RSVP at FriendsofSBOP@gmail.com Everyone welcome […]

Citizens Overwhelm Corporation

By Scott Camil In January 2014, we had a meeting to discuss what to do about Plum Creek’s (PC) plan to destroy wetlands, the wildlife corridor, the rural way of life that many of our citizens enjoy, and the Alachua County Comprehensive plan. Commissioner Mike Byerly, members of SSJ, EXCOM, […]