Sometime during the Spring of 2012 Allison Broughton of Macclenny took on the Baker County Commission in their efforts to slide a medical waste facility into their community.  Together with her husband Mark and a few other activists they stopped Integrated Waste Management Systems, Inc. from the construction of the facility.   While the company’s attitude towards the community was that they were a bunch of rubes in the country who could be bulldozed into doing whatever they wanted, the opposition was intelligent, well-prepared, and articulate.  When the representatives said the effluent emanating from the smoke stack who be invisible and would not smell, the opposition talked about mercury, arsenic, and other pollutants that would rain down on homes near the facility.  For background on why waste incineration facilities are nasty, check out the links Energy Justice Network-Waste Incineration Basics and Energy Justice Network-Mapping Project.  For an account of the saga in Baker County, check out the links Company Seeks Facility (Baker County Press March 29, 2012), Opposition Growing (Baker County Press April 2, 2012), Opposition Memo by Allison Broughton April 2, 2012, and Road Funds to be Lost (Baker County Press July 11, 2012).   This community did an amazing job standing up to people not acting in the interests of their community.  They deserve our praise.