Need a Speaker?


Need a speaker for an upcoming meeting of your church group, community organization, or professional gathering?

We offer free presentations and follow-up discussions to acquaint groups with environmental issues in our area and how these issues affect our quality-of-life. Our hope is that this education program motivates citizens to practice good conservation habits and to press our government officials to seek more effective solutions. We also look forward to learning more about your group’s concerns.

If you are involved in a club, church, home owners association, professional organization or any other type of group that might be interested, contact Education Chair Jon Brainard at (407) 491-8158 or

Solar: Unlimited Energy for the Sunshine State is a free, 30-minute, presenter-led PowerPoint program which explains that, just as we switched from horses to cars, telegrams to telephones, typewriters to computers, and postal mail to email, we must now commit to switch from dirty fuels to clean energy. Highlights of the program describe why you should choose solar power; types of solar systems and how they work; the relationship between solar power, health, climate change, jobs and your wallet; and specific examples of solar installations, cost-benefits and return-on-investment.

Water Works: Stand Up and Act Now is a free one hour interactive, presenter-led PowerPoint program which describes the water problems Florida faces in terms everyone can understand; what’s in it for you to care; and what specifically you can do about it in your community. To learn more about Water Works visit its page here.