Ready For 100 is a national movement of people working to inspire our leaders to embrace a vision of healthier communities powered with 100% clean, renewable energy. We are asking mayors, CEOs, religious leaders, principals, civic and community leaders, parents and students to commit to solutions that help us achieve 100% clean, renewable, and just energy across the United States by the year 2050.

We are different from traditional grassroots campaigns in a few ways. Ready For 100 is a distributed campaign, creating networks of local leaders who support each other in building a powerful, well-organized movement from the ground up. Local volunteers are working city-by-city pursuing equity through transitions to 100% clean renewable energy that center the needs of affected communities. And nationally we’re building a movement amplifying these stories to demonstrate that 100% is not only possible, but it is happening now. These two strategies are working together to collectively shift the national public will to transition our energy sectors to a just 100% renewable energy future.

On October 18th, 2018, Gainesville’s City Commission unanimously passed a resolution committing the city to be powered by 100 percent renewable electricity with net zero greenhouse gas emissions community-wide by 2045, becoming the fifth city in Florida and the 90th city in the nation to make a similar commitment.

A diverse coalition of local organizations worked together on this issue for more than year – including the NAACP Environmental & Climate Justice Committee, Alachua County League of Women Voters, Alachua County Labor Coalition, Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Gainesville, Climate Reality Project, Community Weatherization Coalition, Suwannee-St. Johns Sierra Club, Women’s March Gainesville, United Church of Gainesville Racial Justice Task Force, and EarthCare Committee of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

We wish to thank the City Commissioners and Mayor Poe for recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change and the fact that we can’t rely on our federal or state governments to take action. By passing this resolution, the City is declaring its intention to take action locally and to immediately begin the process of moving away from a dirty fossil fuel economy to one based on clean energy innovation.

Our job is not done, however! This is just the first step in ensuring a plan to get us there is created and implemented through just and equitable policies.  Gainesville’s Ready for 100 Coalition will be meeting soon to discuss a campaign plan for 2019.  If you would like to join us, please contact Roberta at or 352-494-9662.