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Unique among environmental organizations, the Sierra Club is run by and for volunteers.  We are truly a grassroots group of citizen activists committed to protecting our environment today and for future generations.  We work on national and state levels, but we are also very focused on local communities, and our effectiveness and success depends on local volunteer action and leadership.

There are so many meaningful ways to get involved in the Suwannee St. Johns (SSJ) Group’s vital work. Volunteer opportunities range from lending a hand on administrative/technical tasks, to leading an outing, writing a letter to the editor, organizing an event, contacting legislators, attending commission/agency meetings, and more.

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Tri-County Working Group: If you live in Marion, Levy or Putnam County and would like to learn more about or help on issues affecting these counties, contact Contact Jonathan Brainard at 407-491-8158 or for meeting information.

North Counties Working Group: If you live in Suwannee, Hamilton, Baker, Lafayette, Bradford, Dixie, Union, Columbia,  or Gilchrist County and would like to learn more about or help on issues affecting these counties, contact Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson for meeting information.

Central Working Group: If you live in Alachua or SW Clay County and would like to learn more about or help on issues affecting these counties, contact Roberta Gastmeyer for meeting information.


Conservation Team: Focusing on the current environmental threats in our region – springs, river, and wetlands protection, growth management, wildlife protection, and much, much more – this is place for anyone who wants to get in the trenches and fight for protection of our natural areas and wildlife, even if you are not well-versed in the issues (never fear, we will teach you all you need to know… and more….)

Outings Team: From popular short “we don’t go far, we don’t go long, and then we eat!” samplers, to many-mile bike/hike adventures, our outings committee organizes forays to Florida’s special places. We help participants appreciate the special beauty right here in our backyard.

Membership/Volunteer/Social Team: If you enjoy meeting new people, making sure everyone who wants to be involved finds an appropriate place and is having a good time, this is the team for you.

Political Team: Here’s where the rubber meets the road – to have elected officials who will make the right environmental decisions, we need to elect the right officials. Help us with making endorsement decisions and backing the right candidates.

Outreach Team: Spread the word with our PowerPoint presentation or join us at local tabling events where we inform the public about Sierra Club and our issues of concern. Content writers also much appreciated.

Social Media/Website/E-Newsletter: Creative and technical expertise greatly needed here, folks. Showcase your skills and keep us up with the ever-changing times.

Fundraising Team: Everyone’s favorite…NOT. Okay, but someone has to be good at this, right? Is it you?

Administrative Team: Details, details. Hate meetings, but don’t mind spending some time on the computer or telephone?  We need help on data entry, awards creation, lining up speakers for our meetings, distributing flyers, generating press releases…..

A few specifics…

Meetup Entry: We need help getting all our meeting information on site. Just an hour or two of your time each month will help us keep our growing meetup list informed.

Programs: We need someone to organize our monthly General Meetings. This includes contacting potential speakers about presenting to our members the first Thursday of each month September through May; creating short article for the newsletter based on the speaker’s bio and presentation topic; organizing our summer picnic. Requires 1 to 2 hours per month.

Presenters: Seeking volunteers with public speaking experience for Suwannee St. John’s Sierra Club. Teachers, corporate trainers, those comfortable presenting programs to adults in a casual, interactive environment. Will train to use PowerPoint program and projector if necessary. Lesson plan, Presenter Guidelines, equipment and software provided. One or two hours a month at most to area clubs/organizations, civic, social, fraternal and municipal groups. Excellent opportunity to add to your social network, resume, practice and learn new skills, and have fun. Contact: Jon Brainard at

Contact us at or 352-494-9662.