The Sierra Club is a national organization, with members in every state. We are organized into Chapters, which are regional subsections, and Groups, which are more local. As a Suwannee St. Johns Group Sierra Club member, you belong to the National Sierra Club and the Florida Chapter of Sierra.

Here are some additional links you might find useful:

Find your State and US Representatives

Prominent environmental and conservation organizations at the state level include:

  1. Conservation Trust of Florida 
  2. Florida Conservation Coalition (FCC)
  3. Florida’s Land and Water Legacy
  4. 1000 Friends of Florida
  5. Florida Native Plant Society
  6. Florida Wildlife Federation
  7. United Waterfowlers of Florida

Prominent environmental and conservation organizations at the regional level in Florida include:

  1. H. T. Odum Florida Springs Institute
  2. Silver Springs Alliance
  3. Springs Eternal
  4. St Johns Riverkeeper
  5. Florida’s Nature Coast Conservancy
  6. Chassahowitzka River Restoration Committee
  7. Homosassa River Alliance
  8. Withlacoochee area Residents, Inc.
  9. Rainbow River Conservation, Inc.
  10. Save Our Suwannee
  11. Our Santa Fe River
  12. 1000 Friends of Florida
  13. Nature Coast Coalition
  14. Putnam Conservation Trust
  15. Florida Defenders of the Environment
  17. Seagrass Restoration Now
  18. Coastal Resources Group
  19. Mangrove Restoration

Prominent environmental and conservation organizations at the county level:

  1. Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT)
  2. Putnam County Environmental Council (PCEC)
  3. Alachua Audubon
  4. Santa Fe Audubon
  5. Stand By Our Plan – Alachua County organization formed to oppose Plum Creek’s plan to build a city on wetlands.

Environmental and conservation organizations based in a university or college:

  1. Santa Fe College Saints for Sustainability
  2. I.D.E.A.S. for UF
  3. UF Water Institute

Cultural and or artistic organizational with a focus on the environment:

  1. Gainesville Green Drinks
  2. Cultural Arts Coalition

Legal services with a focus on the environment:

  1. Southern Legal Counsel, INC. 
  2. Florida Climate Institute
  3. Community and Environmental Defense Services

An unusual organization which provides an air service to fly to photograph large properties that are threatened in some way is an organization called SouthWings.  This outfit is based in Asheville, North Carolina.