Tri- County Working Group Update

THE TRI-COUNTY WORKING GROUP had an interesting meeting with Cindy McWilliams on Tuesday evening  (August 22) on landscape architecture and integrating all disciplines in teaching about the environment, especially art.   It was held at Dunnellon Public library.   Cindy shared many experiences she had during her long career in landscape architecture.  She worked on beautification of I-10 as well as park landscaping.  She taught xeriscaping as well as interdisciplinary teaching concepts that have become more widely used today.   Here in Dunnellon she has her own business called Riverland Art and works with the cooperative on Pennsylvania Avenue that includes a gallery that showcase local artists.   A memorable part of her presentation was asking the audience to share a nature experience in childhood that impact our lives for many years.

OUR NEXT MEETING IS THE THIRD TUESDAY IN AUGUST.    That is September 19 at noon at the Crystal River Preserve State Park.    Those wishing to have an early lunch beforehand could meet us at Cracker’s in Crystal River on US 19.

Our guest speaker is Stella Nemuseso who is a member of our Dunnellon Community Garden team and will address a topic that is an “side bar”  on why community gardens are important today— to prevent diabetes that are an epidemic in our country because of our fast food, highly processed diets!    In the interest of good health information, we recommend Stella’s presentation and we will also have updates on conservation issues from  Whitey and those of you who bring issues to share!