Tri-County Working Group

The Tri-County Working Group that includes Marion, Citrus and Levy Counties, Meets the THIRD TUESDAY  of each month.

Contact Whitey Markle or Gary Green for details.

2015 September Report

The Tricounty Working Group (Marion, Citrus, and Levy) has met twice since our last newsletter. To me, the Working Group is amazing. Our first PowerPoint presentation is in the final stages thanks to designer Kathryn Taubert who has worked tirelessly this last month developing the presentation. Working around Jon Brainard (SSJ Environmental Education Chair) and Gary Greene’s (SSJ Publicity Chair) “Motivation” concept of public environmental education, a 30 to 45 minute presentation about the value and economics of our water in the Tricounty area is nearing completion, and many like-minded groups are already asking to present it. Thanks to Jim Carrell, Connie Hart, Gordon Hart, Brad Rimbey, Ben Berhauer, Roger Roger and Kathleen Dobronyi, Nancy Kost, Nathan Whitt, Gary Green, Jon Brainard, Kathryn Taubert (designer), John Moran (photography), and Whitey Markle for the “expertise” on the project.

Accompanying the PowerPoint, we will produce handout supplemental materials in the form of papers, cards, and/or pamphlets which are also being developed as we speak. We plan to produce a supplemental handout materials on the subjects of Water, Growth Management, Economics of Conservation, Energy, and a “What you can do” handout.

The Water Works presentation is projected to be up and running by October 1.


From Left to Right: Harriet Jones, SSJ Secretary; Gary Green, Publicity; Second to last: Jonathan Brainard, Environmental/Education Outreach





201507 Jon Lecturer

Speaker Jon Brainard

The Tri-County Working Group of the SSJ Sierra Club is truly a group of dedicated Sierra Club members from Marion, Levy and Citrus County!   During the summer, our Motivation Campaign Committee, led by Gary Green, publicity chair, has met every two weeks to gather information for a PowerPoint presentation to voters in our area.

We recently welcomed Kathryn Taubert on board the committee and working group as our instructional designer for the PowerPoint.     The goal of the committee is to motivate listeners of the presentation to be able to take concrete, specific actions in Levy, Marion and Citrus Counties to help improve the condition of Florida’s springs, rivers, and aquifer.

Kathryn and Gary have a career background in instructional writing for corporations. With that, they are working to keep the committee involved with various aspects of how to achieve this goal.   Nancy Kost and Jim Carrell have been researching water quality history and share how human impacts have taken a toll on our water in the tri-county area.   Nancy and Gordon and Connie Hart have researched the economic reasons for clean water and good water quality for a healthy business environment in our area–especially since we depend heavily upon eco-tourism.

Now the committee’s large amount of information is being condensed and prioritized for the PowerPoint.   To assist with that and to use in various educational and outreach venues, Conservation Chair Whitey Markle, and Environmental Education Chair, Jon Brainard sought volunteers to work on various pamphlets that will provide the public with additional information on various topics– like growth management, energy, and resources– to assist the public with being pro-water conservation and pro-environment in the three county area.   Members already involved in the PowerPoint plus Ben Berauer and Brad Rimbey have joined in with helping us find relevant information for the pamphlets.   There are currently five pamphlets under construction — ones that can be utilized not only in these three counties but throughout entire Suwannee St. Johns Group area.

The PowerPoint should be completed in the next few weeks or months. We have not yet established a deadline for the pamphlets but are anxious to get them produced.