Santa Fe Canoe Trip–March 11 , 2012

While this trip was originally scheduled for February 26th, it was postponed because of the prospect of canoeing in a cold rain.  While such inclement weather might be tolerated on a hike, it can sure make for a miserable canoe trip.

For the rescheduled outing Bob Kerckel led a dozen Sierrans on a late afternoon paddle on the Santa Fe River beginning at the Route 47 Bridge.  Bob’s strategy was to have us put our canoes in the water at the time when he figured the college kids would be headed home.  Sure enough, just as we put our boats in the water several other parties were pulling their boats out and headed for their cars.  We almost had the river to ourselves.  Since the water level was low and fed by Ginny, Devil’s Eye, and the multitude of other springs along the river, the water was almost clear.  Despite a few clouds and a warm drizzling rain, his strategy worked to perfection.   The serenity was magnificent.  Along the way we spotted a turkey, a kingfisher, and a few mullet jumping.   Lilies were everywhere in the woods.   Bob also pointed out a number of geologic features including a cut in the limestone that drops 50 feet into the aquifer.  After two miles of paddling two miles upstream, we reached a quiet dinner spot on the bank.  Everyone had a great time pulling out a variety of dinners and snacks varying from chicken to sandwiches, to birdseed to wine.  A good time was had by all.