SSJ helps the air potato roundup — January 28, 2012

Each year, the City of Gainesville Department of Parks sponsors the Great Air Potato Roundup. Volunteers gather at city parks and help weed out air potato vines and other invasive plants. On Saturday, January 28th, nearly 1,000 volunteers bagged over 4,000 pounds of air potatoes and over 2,000 pounds of other invasive plants.

This year, our local Sierra Club group provided monetary support and helped recruit volunteers.  A group gathered at Greenacre Park, a small city park in southwest Gainesville.  Maryvonne Devensky, our Inner City Outings chair, and Ruth Steiner recruited volunteers from the Job Corps. Also joining the group were students from the Sante Fe College organization, “Saints for Sustainability”, and residents from the neighborhood adjoining the park.

Robert Fisher, Outings Chair of the SSJ, supervised the team and instructed them on what to do. Greenacre Park does not have a big air potato problem, but there is a healthy infestation of ardisia, another invasive plant.

There’s more on the event in this online Gainesville Sun article.