Micanopy Bike Trip — October 7, 2012

Kate Lee led 11 Sierrans on a cool Sunday morning bike trip near Micanopy on October 7, 2012.  The trip began and ended at the Library in Micanopy.  Along the way we visited MacIntosh, the boat ramp and waste water treatment plant at Orange Lake, and the Evinston Post Office.  The roads were smooth, lightly trafficked, and shaded.  We found the boat docks at Orange Lake even more deserted than the roads.  While one of the locals explained that the water problem with the lake was cyclical, the members of our group were skeptical.  One of us even observed a pet African Spar Tortoise on the porch of one of the houses in MacIntosh.  At the end of the trip we enjoyed a delightful snack at the Moosewood Bakery in Micanopy.   Since we  all had such a delightful outing, we are looking forward to a second road trip in December.
Orange lake Boat Ramp                                The MacIntosh View of Orange Lake
The Wastewater Treatment Plant in MacIntosh    The African Spar Tortoise
The Evinston Post Office                                A Child Friendly Sign in Evinston
                Map of Route