As the May 11, 2013 deadline for Adena to respond to the SJRWMD’s Request for Additional Information, it is very important for them to hear from citizens, too.

Go to and read the one-page summary of the permit application. Then click on the link in the upper right hand corner to register your thoughts. The District has made it very simple for citizens – there are three choices: 1) I have concerns about this permit; 2) I oppose this permit; or, 3) I support this permit. (I don’t know about you but we oppose this permit.) Written comments are optional.

For decades most of Adena’s 30,000 acre project area near Ft. McCoy has been in silviculture, sustainable pine plantations that have served our needs for paper and other wood products.  The land is mostly wet pine flatwoods, dotted with seasonal wetlands, creeks, and streams that drain directly to the Ocklawaha River, an Outstanding Florida Water.  The upland portions of the property provide groundwater recharge to Silver Springs.  Tens of thousands of heavily wooded acres have been completely denuded, replaced by areas intended for irrigated, fertilized pasture.  The result is increased nutrient rich runnoff and aquifer recharge to two of Florida’s most treasured waters.

Please visit the SJRWMD’s webpage and add your voice to the thousands already on record and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Post by Karen Ahlers