The Suwannee-St Johns Group is seeking names of persons interested in serving on the Executive Committee (ExCom). This committee has a total of 11 officers serving staggered 2-year terms. Since 5 officers will be continuing their terms, this year we need to fill 6 positions. Our By-laws indicate that there should be at least 2 more candidates than the number to be elected, so we actually need to nominate a minimum of 8 people.

We do not elect members for particular positions, just as “members-at-large.” Once the incoming ExCom members have been elected, they meet with the incumbents to decide who will fill specific positions.

The newly elected members will serve a two-year term, beginning January 2016. The main requirements (other than being a current Sierra Club member) are a willingness to work on various tasks providing leadership and direction for the Group, and attending the ExCom meetings each month (only three allowed absences in a year). Excom members also will be expected to attend a transition meeting between the old and the new ExCom that occurs sometime in December, after the election results are announced.

If you are interested in serving on Excom, or know of someone who might be, please contact any of the Nominating Committee members listed below prior to September 3, 2016.

Scott Camil                   

Roberta Gastmeyer       

Gary Green                   

Any interested person who seeks nomination but is NOT nominated by the committee will have the opportunity to run by petition (contact Roberta Gastmeyer for a copy of bylaws if you are interested in the petition process.) Petitions must be returned to the Nominating Committee by September 21, 2015.