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Education/Outreach Report

The education program featuring the PowerPoint, Seven Wonders of the Suwannee St. Johns Sierra Club, visited some interesting locations this month. The Paynes Prairie Native Plant Society meets at the Matheson Museum in downtown Gainesville. I enjoyed the talk there as well as speaking to the Lake City Rotary Club […]

Silver Springs Restoration Includes a Free Ocklawaha River May 5th

Silver  Springs  Alliance  Highlights  Springs/Ocklawaha  Connectionon  May  5,  2015 The  connections  between  Silver  Springs  and  the  Silver  and  Ocklawaha  rivers  will  be  highlighted  at  the Silver  Springs  Alliance’s  annual  public  forum,“Silver  Springs  Restoration  Includes  a  Free  Ocklawaha River,”  6-­‐9  p.m.  Tuesday,  May  5,  2015,  in  the  Fort  King  Presbyterian  Church, […]