Interested in Getting More Involved in Your Sierra Club? Please consider a Position on the Suwannee St Johns Sierra Club Executive Committee (Excom). The process of selecting 6 new offi­cers has begun with selection of a Nominating Committee. This year’s Nominating Committee members are Scott Camil, Gary Green, and Roberta Gastmeyer. If you are interested in serving on this important committee or being selected as a candidate, please contact us at or 352-494-9662. If you just can’t do it this year, please offer sug­gestions of others who would make good Excom officers.

06/11..…..Appoint NomCom, publish names in NL, call for nominations due by 9/1
08/27……Publish in Sept NL that nominations by petitions are allowed, due by 9/22
09/03……GenMtg: Receipt of Excom nominees, announce nominees at mtg. and announce voter eligibility requirements
09/10.……Official NomCom report to Excom; appointment of ElCom
09/21….…Receipt of petition candidates by NomCom
10/08….…Ballot prepared by ElCom for Excom approval
10/26……Ballots in November NL
12/03….. Deadline for receipt of ballots by ElCom chair
12/04..….Count ballots (date and place to be announced), prepare report to ExCom
12/05…..Distribute preferences for Excom offices to prospective and continuing members
12/10……Report results to Excom (incl. newly elected ones); Excom reorganization
12/09….. Report results to ExCom (including newly elected ones); ExCom reorganization