News from the Chair March 2017

By Whitey Markle

The Working Group structure is up and running. I am getting a lot of positive comments about the new structure. The Working Groups (North Florida, Tricounty, and Central) are able to flex with the issues at hand and the issues in these three areas are diversified in many regards, but  all three groups share a lot of similar  issues as well. We are all concerned about legislative issues that are forming as the legislature  moves toward the session that begins on March 7,  Issues regarding  our  water are shared, and our outreach programs are commonly important.  Of course, any actions that may be taken by the Working Groups will be monitored and approved by the Executive Committee at our monthly meetings.

We are always seeking help from willing member volunteers, so please don’t hesitate to lend us a hand if you feel you can be of assistance.

We are nearing completion of our projected budget for the next year. Priorities and goals are being set and we should have the budget completed by the next Executive Committee meeting. Our budget is based on past spending and future projections.  Day-to-day administration, equipment, and services fees , assistance to other organizations, and  litigation and research costs are some of the expenditures that most likely will  be necessary this year.
We will likely implement a fundraising campaign this year that will be of great value in accomplishing our goals.  We implore all members to help on this campaign if and when it transpires. A lot of fundraising work is done by footwork, not just by making donations. We will keep you all appraised as we move along.