Note From Outgoing Chair

By Maryvonne Devenksy

Hello everyone,

As I am stepping down from being the Chair of the SSJ Sierra Group, I would like to share that I have learned a lot, met a lot of spirit minded people who like me want to preserve our natural resources. At times being Chair, and pushing the envelope as they say, was somewhat overwhelming (How many counties do we cover? Oh yes…Fifteen… And I still have to figure where Lafayette (dear Lafayette!) is located, but soon I will…At times, when we won some of the battles, it was truly energizing and helped me to see that this community is really close to my heart. Thank you also to all Excom members who worked with me. You are amazing people and I respect your dedication and commitment! We will still be working together, but this time Whitey Markle is the Chair and I will be Vice Chair, and all is well.

Anyway as 2017 is getting closer and closer, with all the unpredictable events we can’t imagine, I invite you to be more involved in our group, either with events to celebrate John Muir 150th Anniversary of his hike across Florida in 1867 (contact me for that), or with the new SSJ North Fla Working Group being organized. Please contact Chris Mericle, at to be on the google email group, or much better write the date in your calendar and come to our next meeting, at 10:00 am, SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017, at the Sierra Club office at Rum 138, 2070 SW County Rd 138, in Ft White.

Before 2017, take some time to enjoy your families and friends during the holidays. I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.