SSJ CHAIR REPORT February 2017

Our ex-chair, Brack Barker, was appointed Outings Chair and approved by the EXCOM at the January 12 meeting, and Kathryn Taubert was appointed as Assistant Chair. Also, Maryvonne Devensky will chair the new Central Working Group, which includes Alachua, Putnam, and a portion of Clay County.  Chris Mericle will chair the North Florida Working Group, which includes Bradford, Union, Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee, Gilchrist, Dixie, Lafayette, and Baker Counties, and Whitey Markle and Jon Brainard will chair the Tri-county Working Group, which includes Marion, Citrus, and Levy Counties. We expect a lot more activism in the remote areas by dividing the SSJ Group into working groups.

So, this is our structure in January, 2017:

  • CHAIR: Whitey Markle *
  • VICE-CHAIR: Maryvonne Devensky *
  • TREASURER/BUDGET:  Doug Bernal *, Roberta Gastmeyer, Kathryn Taubert
  • SECRETARY: Harriett Bowen Jones *
  • CONSERVATION: Whitey Markle*, Chris Mericle, Jim Tatum, Maryvonne Devensky, Whitey Markle, Kathryn Taubert, Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson
  • EDUCATION/OUTREACH/DIVERSITY: Jon Brainard*, Stanley Richardson, Kathryn Taubert,
  • EVENTS: Sherry Steiner *, Scott Camil
  • FUNDRAISING:____________
  • INSPIRING CONNECTIONS OUTDOORS   (ICO): Maryvonne Devensky*, Jason Fultz, Peter Monte, Travis Mitchell, Claire Mitchell, Marylin Kershner, Ruth Steiner, and Kyle Geist
  • LEGAL: Dan Vasquez
  • LEGISLATIVE LIAISON: Whitey Markle*,  Russ Mercer
  • MEMBERSHIP/VOLUNTEERS: Roberta Gastmeyer *, Doug Bernal
  • POLITICAL: Scott Camil*, Dwight Adams, Doug Bernal, Roberta Gastmeyer;                                                                                                          Stanley Richardson; Jordan Smith; Sherry Steiner,                                                                                                        Kristen Young, Dan Vasquez.
  • OUTINGS: Brack Barker, Whitey Markle, Jon Brainard, Harriett Jones, Roberta Gastmeyer, Jan Hichtcock and Maryvonne Devensky.                                                                                                                
  • PUBLICITY/PROMOTIONS: Kristen Young *, Newsletter, Webmaster (Travis Mitchell, Tamara Robbins); Social Media: (Jordan Smith, Scott Camil; Jon Brainard,Kathryn Taubert),
  • PROGRAMS:Harriett Bowen Jones*
  • CENTRAL WORKING GROUP: Maryvonne Devensky*
  • TRI-COUNTY WORKING GROUP: Whitey Markle, Jon Brainard*
  • AT LARGE (outreach/diversity): Stan Richardson *  
  • AT LARGE/Asst. to Group Chair/Committee Chairs:  Kathryn Taubert *

*= EXCOM member

We expect this great lineup of leaders and committee members will be an excellent team. We have a huge territory with many important issues, and I know this team will do a great job. We have an energetic team that is chock-full of good ideas and know-how. Thanks to everyone for taking these responsibilities. Any member who would like to be on any committee should contact me. We realize committee membership will fluctuate with time.



With the training of a half dozen new outings leaders and a new outings chair in our group, we should be able to do a lot of outings this year. It should be fun and educational as well. That is what we are here for. If you have an idea for an outing, let us know.