November 2016 Conservation Report

By Whitey Markle Elusive Water Policy, Elusive Politicians In the last few months, I’ve had a chance to see the state water policy managers in action. We’ve been pressing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to assure the implementation of our water law via the Basin Management Action Plan […]


By Kathryn Taubert Solar: Unlimited Energy for the Sunshine State, SSJ’s latest entry into free educational programs is off to a rousing welcome by citizens interested in understanding the importance of renewal energy sources to the health of our economy, environment, and indeed, the entire planet. Presentations of this 30 […]

Conservation Report

By Whitey Markle AMENDMENT 1 “SMART” (DUMB) SOLAR………….VOTE NO ON NOVEMBER 8. See Floridians for Solar Choice, Inc. has a wonderful website that explains clearly the circumstances and implications of the “smart” solar amendment (A-1) that will be the first ballot initiative voters will see on November 8th. The […]

Conservation Report September 2016

By Whitey Markle STATE PARKS MANAGEMENT If you are concerned about the management of your state parks, especially after the last legislative session, you can scrutinize the plans online. Bear in mind: Each park has its own plan which is compiled by a relatively democratic process involving parks management personnel […]

Sierra Club Joins Lawsuit over Sabal Trail Pipeline 

As the opposition to this unneeded pipeline project in Florida was growing (70 people attended an Informational workshop in Gainesville on August 6 – organized by Gulf Restoration Network), permits to allow the construction of the pipeline were given last week to Sabal Trail LLC. In response, Gulf Restoration Network, […]

News from the Conservation Chair May 2016

By Whitey Markle   NITRATES IN THE WATER (repeated Warning) Dr. Bob Knight, director of the High Springs-based branch of the Florida Springs Institute is again pressing for government action regarding the nitrate pollution problem in our springs and groundwater. He reiterated his conclusions on this matter to the Alachua […]

Pipeline Can Still Be Reconsidered

By Maryvonne Devensky  The Sabal Trail pipeline project is not a done deal. Since January 2016, there has been a momentum in Georgia and Florida to oppose this project from citizens, county officials and groups because of very serious concerns. Members of the Suwannee St Johns Sierra Club and Withlacoochee, […]