Gainesville is Ready for 100%

In October of 2018, the City of Gainesville passed a Resolution committing the city to using 100% clean renewable energy by the year 2045.

Clean Affordable Energy for

Gainesville & Surrounding Communities

Local organizations, faith groups, and individuals are coming together to work on a plan to put the City of Gainesville and surrounding communities on a path to 100% Clean Renewable Energy by the year 2050 or earlier.  We call this campaign Gainesville Ready for 100%.  

We have an amazing team of energy experts and community leaders who are working on:

Community Outreach and Education – We organize and attend educational events to talk to residents on the importance and opportunities of a clean energy future and to discuss their energy concerns.  We want to develop a shared vision on what an equitable transition to 100% clean energy looks like for our area and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from this transition, especially those negatively impacted by current energy systems.

Create and Advocate for Policy – We help develop and implement strategies to get to a 100% Clean Affordable Energy by 2050 or earlier, including all electricity and transportation systems. We will be pushing for policy updates at the City and County level which will provide the resources needed to get us there.

Promote Energy Conservation & Use of Solar Energy – We are currently involved with the Alachua County Solar Cooperative, the Annual Solar Tour, the Electric Vehicle Club. We are also looking into how we can create a Community Solar project and Climate Victory Gardens.

If you know of any faith group, business group, health organization, or other community organization that would like to participate, even if that just means getting the word out to their members, please let us know. We can provide a brief presentation to board members, a longer presentation to your members, or give you support materials to take to your group. Or, if you would like to dive right in and start working with us on this campaign – developing a website, interviewing the community, organizing a forum, attending an event, talking to commissioners – please contact us!

We are Ready for 100%

NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Committee * Alachua County League of Women Voters * Alachua County Labor Coalition * Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Gainesville * Community Weatherization Coalition * Suwannee St. Johns Sierra Club * Women’s March Gainesville * United Church of Gainesville Racial Justice Task Force * EarthCare Committee of Westminster Presbyterian Church  *   352-494-9662